There are countless types of texts: contracts, presentations, books, catalogues, articles, statements, manuals, etc. If there is one thing that they all have in common, it’s that none of these texts are exempt from containing errors.

At DIXIT we help you get your texts free of errors, providing you with two different forms of post editing.

-Post Orthography Editing: Both grammatical and orthography error corrections are included; for example, the appropriate use of typography, quotations and other elements that provide depth to the text: always following the norms of the Real Spanish Association. Some of the orthography errors corrected are as diverse as homophones, abbreviations, punctuation, and uppercase letters. Post Orthography Editing also standardises the use of bold, italics, margins, line breaks and fonts.

Post Style Editing:

The objective of Post Style Editing is to eliminate all confusing elements that detract from the text and its true meaning. For that purpose, the text is enriched through the use of synonyms and the enhancement of vocabulary; redundancies are eliminated and correct terminology is selected and used. The Post Style Editor also makes sure that all the ideas are communicated adequately by ridding the text of ambiguities and holes; thus, providing coherence and cohesion.

An important point to be made is that with this type of post editing, one should know to delimit between what is the author’s personality and what is a true error. The line between the two is so thin that only a true professional, specialised in Post Style Editing is able to differentiate them.

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