Full post-editing

There are endless varieties of texts: contracts, presentations, books, catalogues, articles, announcements, manuals, etc. And if there is one thing they all have in common, it is that not all are entirely error-free.

At Dixit, we help you make sure that your texts are free of errors, offering you two different types of post-editing:

-Post Orthography Editing: covers both grammatical and orthography error corrections. For example, the appropriate use of typography, quotations and other elements that provide depth to the text—always following the norms of the Royal Spanish Academy. It resolves a variety of spelling and typographical errors: homophones, abbreviations, punctuation, and uppercase letters, as well as standardising bold, italics, margins, line breaks and fonts within the text.

-Post Style Editing: aims to eliminate all confusing elements that may obscure the text and its true meaning. This is done by enriching the text with synonyms and improving vocabulary, ultimately selecting appropriate terminology and removing redundancies and cacophonies. The post-editor also ensures that all ideas are well expressed by eliminating ambiguities and gaps and, as a result, providing coherence and cohesion to the text.

But, what is most important in post-editing is knowing how to distinguish between what needs correcting and what is the author’s style and personality. The line between these two aspects is so fine that only a specialised professional can distinguish between them.

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