If your Company does not have a graphic designer, don’t worry, we can offer you a solution.

A single translation process can consist of so many steps that, like other things, can appear to be unimaginable to those with little understanding of the translation sector.

Among all those steps, one of the final ones to be taken is the typesetting of the translation. If you wish to conserve the format of the original text, we have typesetters that form part of our team in addition to graphic designers that are able to format your translations in whichever way you have in mind.

We work with the most popular design programs, such as InDesign and are able to preserve a similar format as the original PDF’s.

Similarly, if the document that you seek to translate does not have sufficient quality to extract it in an editable format, you can leave it to our typesetters so that once it has been extracted and prepared, we can begin to work on it.

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