If your company doesn’t have an in-house graphic designer, don’t worry; we can offer you a solution.

There are many steps in the translation process that, as with many things, especially if we are not familiar with the sector, may seem unthinkable to many of us.

Among all these steps, one of the last ones to take is the typesetting of a text; if you want the translation to maintain the same format as the original text, our typesetters and graphic designers can give your translation the desired look and feel.

We work with the most popular design programmes, such as InDesign, and produce your translation PDFs in a format that is no different from the original PDF.

Similarly, if the document you hope to translate lacks the necessary quality to extract it to an editable format, leave it for our typesetters to handle, so that once it has been extracted and prepared, we can begin to work on it.

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