Audiovisual services

Technical interpreting equipment

Whether you have to plan an event, congress, seminar, videoconference or site visit, etc., we will be happy to help you organise it in the most efficient way possible.

On many occasions, we have visited facilities with a sound technician to adequately plan the arrangement of the cabins and PA system before the event.

Cabins and events hall: Conditions of the hall where the meeting will take place must be considered: whether there is a PA system, how the tables will be arranged, whether wireless table or lapel microphones are needed or, if there is enough space for the cabins, etc. The number of cabins required will always be equivalent to that of languages. If there is not enough space for them in the hall, this is not a problem; we have other solutions.


Set up of simultaneous interpretation equipment: one to two hours before and following the event is usually necessary to set up and dismantle the equipment. It is important to bear this in mind when hiring a hall.

We also provide additional equipment: monitors, lecterns, screens, etc., as well as audio and image recording.

An Infoport case is the perfect solution when planning a visit or meeting with less than 20 people—not requiring installation or a technician.

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