Once we have the texts transcribed, perhaps the next service you need is subtitling.

This service is very useful if you want your video to reach an audience with a different target language than your content, or to make the message available to those with troubled hearing and the deaf community who require subtitling.

To do this, we will need the video file to create or insert the subtitles file. A translator specialising in this field will be assigned to the project since, apart from the requirements of a professional translator, many specific criteria must be followed. For example, the word count will have to be adjusted to fit the video, any elements that “taint” the subtitles (hesitations, interjections, etc.) should be removed, and words must be adapted or replaced with shorter synonyms.

As you see, subtitling involves many factors, which, without a doubt, our team knows how to handle efficiently, given the considerable experience and professionalism of those who form part of it.


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